Services for 3D and digital workflows

We provide services for efficient production of 3D, consumer apps and business integrations. The complete set of services for digital production makes us an ideal partner for both large-scale and smaller businesses with high-demands and capacity needs.

3D Configurators

We create, support and host a wide range of 3D configurators. The interactive experience let consumers browse products online with options for variants, styles and surrounding environments.  The 3D configurator can be used seamlessly across multiple touch-points – from retail stores to online.

3D Images, Films and VR360°

We create high-quality and consistent product content very efficiently directly from CAD Design files or physical input. The production workflow can be used to create content for a variety of 360 uses – from product pictures to full resolution film and VR.

Consumer Apps

To support the ever changing digital consumer we develop custom apps for use in existing web-platforms and frameworks. All of our apps and solutions are hosted in a secure cloud for world-wide consumer access and advanced analytics.

Business Integration

We develop complete process end-to-end solutions to integrate existing CMS, PIM or PLM systems with automated workflows for omni-channel marketing and e-commerce.


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