A creative hotspot in Sweden

We are RapidImages, a digital company that creates and delivers 3D configurators, images, films, VR360° apps and integrations to enable top global businesses and brands to reach consumers world-wide – no matter the device, channel or where they are.

We deliver across multiple market segments – from high-end automotive and retail to FMCG and premium fashion.


75 employees in Sockerbruket

We are located in Sockerbruket, Gothenburg – a fast-growing region and a creative hotspot in Sweden. Our 75 employees are a mix of engineers, creatives and leaders – all with the same spirit for creativity and innovation.


An early pioneer in 3D and digital workflows

In 2006 we started as a 3D-only company – we quickly became a pioneer in replacing traditional photo-workflows with 3D production. The use of 3D enables us to reduce time-to-market, drive cost-efficiency and support different market adaptations.


Automation of creativity and innovation

To support business with a global market, premium products and complex variants we’ve developed custom tools and workflows to boost the creative process. This innovation gives us the strength to deliver high-quality, consistency and volume without repetitive tasks and manual artist interruptions.