OneCX Platform

What is OneCX Platform?

OneCX Platform is Rapid Images product experience platform, it gathers all of your last-mile digital needs one place. From digital twins and product information to the full product experience - no matter if it's for web, social media and apps, all powered by intelligent data and insights. The result is an effortless customer journey where you focus on the products and we take care of the customer experience no matter if it's for inspiration, lead generation or buying products online.

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OneCX is a set of product platform that helps marketing and sales teams to stay productive without being limited by todays modern technology landscape. OneCX Platform takes care of the last mile, the product experience that is the first touchpoint between products and your customers.


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What's included in the OneCX Platform?

No matter the place, device or time of day customers interact with products through OneCX using a mix of technologies such as - Configurable products, realtime 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. OneCX is driven by intelligent data and insights to improve the buying experience and drive conversion of online traffic.


OneCX Configurator

Display your products and their many variants in a simple, accurate and effective way to improve your customer experience.

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Put all the information at your customer’s fingertips. You tell the story of your products and services in a live, interactive and consistent way.

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Products and services shown in virtual worlds using head-sets for a fully fledged immersive experience. 

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OneCX Insights

Definitive information about product interactivity, 3D and hot zones for better conversion and sales performance.

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Effortless customer journey

Take complexity out of your every day work and stay productive.


Smart Insights

Secure smart and efficient insights for better decision making.


Success program

Stay flexible with OneCX success program.


Market support

Supper multiple markers with adapatations.

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