OneCX Onboarding

What is OneCX Onboarding?

How do you secure your digital business case and prepare for investments in a smart way? With OneCX Onboarding from Rapid Images we break down and map out required change activities into a clear plan that is easy to communicate and anchor across your organisation. Take away complexity and involvement of multiple-stakeholders, our experienced oneCX Onboarding guides you through the process with their long-term expertise in digitalising leading brands and companies.


The OneCX Onboarding program gives you the arguments you need to drive digital change and activities across your teams. Prepare for growth with a complete break down of what needs to be worked out and improved to fulfil the ever changing need of an update to date customer journey and the dependencies that is needed to get there. With more than 15 years of experience Rapid Images is the perfect partner for digital change and meeting the future.

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What comes out of the OneCX onboarding?

Digital maturity and customer journey

Find out your digital maturity and how prepared your organisation is for change, we map out the required activities to improve and secure the customer journey.

Growth opportunities

Find new growth opportunities and speed up marketing and sales with the right digitalisation support - from early product design to a engaging customer experience.

Secure business case and ROI

Take out the guess work from business case and ROI break downs. We help you to secure sustainable and realistic plans to stay up to date with digital customers.

Get started with OneCX today for an effortless customer journey

OneCX Platform is Rapid Images product experience platform, it gathers all of your last-mile digital needs in one place. From digital twins and product information to the full product experience - no matter if it's for web, social media and apps, all powered by intelligent data and insights.

OneCX Platform

Effortless customer journey

Take complexity out of your every day work and stay productive.

Smart Insights

Secure smart and efficient insights for better decision making.

Success program

Stay flexible with OneCX success program.

Market support

Supper multiple markers with adaptations.

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