OneCX Configurator

What is OneCX Configurator?

Complex products demand simple presentations. There’s nothing worse than a confused customer. With OneCX Configurator from RapidImages, business complexity is reduced and you can display your products and their many variants in a simple, accurate and effective way to improve your customer experience.


OneCX Configurator is a major step forward for companies presenting large or complex products such as buildings, industrial machinery and vehicles. The result is a personalised, engaging and visual sales experience. Customers can easily be guided through the configuration process with live feedback to increase product accuracy and reduce lead times.

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What can Product Configurators be used for?

Perfect for complex products

Simplify product configuration, price and quote (CPQ) sales with instant visual feedback and better product understanding.

A seamless digital experience

Show a limitless range of products and variants with a self-service product experience that generates more leads and drive conversion.

Always fresh content

Export images, films and realtime assets directly from OneCX Configurator to support Web, Social Media or any touchpoint with fresh content.

Get started with OneCX today for an effortless customer journey

OneCX Platform is Rapid Images product experience platform, it gathers all of your last-mile digital needs in one place. From digital twins and product information to the full product experience - no matter if it's for web, social media and apps, all powered by intelligent data and insights.

OneCX Platform

Effortless customer journey

Take complexity out of your every day work and stay productive.

Smart Insights

Secure smart and efficient insights for better decision making.

Success program

Stay flexible with OneCX success program.

Market support

Supper multiple markers with adaptations.

Learn more about OneCX Configurator today