Rapid Images for Housing

Invite customers to explore and evaluate your products early in the decision making process. Housing is all about securing interest and being able to communicate everything that is unique about your Housing products and range capabilities, from floor-plans to the ability and change and adapt to families needs and use. Product configurators for Housing not only provides a tool for customers it's also a complement to the traditional sales process. Take out complexity and minimise the pressure on your sales team with automated business logic and digital qualification tools to secure new leads as quickly as possible.


Smart digitalisation of the buying process open up for many opportunities. Better and more efficient management of leads, after market applications and even manufacturing integration for more accurate orders and tracking of estimated housing deliveries. Give the customer better visual feedback about what your houses can provide, from sun studies and virtual 360's to Augmented Reality (AR) on properties to make sure the place and location is deal for the chosen house type. Drive engagement and attract new leads across web, social media and product catalogues.

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Rapid Images for Housing

How we help our Housing clients

Attract customers early

Secure the right digital tools across your sales process to support modern customers.

Reduce sales logics

Product Configurators with business logics takes away the complexity of variants and options from the sales process.

Better visual feedback

Help customers to take the right decision with sun studies, virtual 360's and Augumented Reality (AR).

Rapid Images for Housing
Rapid Images for Housing

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