Rapid Images for Heavy Duty

How we support the Heavy Duty industry

Digital tools are the perfect solution for heavy duty customers looking for innovative ways to show their products. Rapid Images has developed intelligent and engaging visual technology that is ideal for dealership point-of- sales (POS), Product Configurators and Augmented Reality AR applications. The modern sales solution for heavy-duty brands, products and services.


By creating the opportunity to explore the complexity of your product and service variants using smart digital tools, you significantly improve your customer experience. Physical products are replaced by digital twins that mirror your product completely. Customers play around with tools built to improve their product knowledge and understanding of your offer and they can do it anywhere and anytime, with or without you. The qualification of new leads increases, you gain better insights into customer preferences and sales times are reduced.

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How we help our Heavy Duty clients

Improved lead generation

Engage, educate and interact with customers and prospects around complex products to improve sales.

Showcase complex products

Use visual tools to show everything about your products with product configuration across the sales process.

Modern technology for your brand

Stay up to date and support modern digital customers with modern technology.

Get started with OneCX today for an effortless customer journey

OneCX Platform is Rapid Images product experience platform, it gathers all of your last-mile digital needs in one place. From digital twins and product information to the full product experience - no matter if it's for web, social media and apps, all powered by intelligent data and insights.

OneCX Platform

Effortless customer journey

Take complexity out of your every day work and stay productive.

Smart Insights

Secure smart and efficient insights for better decision making.

Success program

Stay flexible with OneCX success program.

Market support

Supper multiple markers with adaptations.

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