CGI Visualisation

What is CGI Visualisation

Computer Graphics Imagery, or CGI as it’s more commonly known, is the virtual production of images, films and content based on 3D models. CGI Visualisation totally automates content and stores it ready to use at anytime without the demanding logistics usually associated with physical production.

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CGI visualization from Rapid Images removes the need for physical production, physical products or a physical setting. Rules are established prior to production to increase efficiency and flexibility while maintaining the quality and consistency of your brand. Your film, images and other forms of content are stored making it quick and easy to produce new material in the face of changing media demands.


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What is CGI Visualisation used for?

CGI Visualisation is the perfect tool for flexible production of marketing and sales content across the customer journey.


Ideal for eCommerce

Flexible, efficient and quick changes are able to be made based on data-driven insights.


Perfect for complex products

Create content for any market, at any time. No physical restrictions as context and surroundings are all created virtually.


Automation and consistency

Production of content for large and complex product ranges is possible together with a consistent look and feel.

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