CGI for the fastest selling car in the world.

For the inspiring mobility brand Lynk & Co we created 3D based images for their public sales start of their model 01. Since the model only is sold online, the product images are a key factor to attract and convince new customers, all over the world.

lynckco-cgi-night-rendering-model01 copy

Smart and efficient creative process.

To create the most inspiring images of the model we researched some great locations for the clients’ need. For the final result our experienced team of creatives produced photographs and background imageries to combine with high quality 3D visualizations. This combination of processes enables faster and more cost efficient solutions for the client.


Full quality control in our digital studio.

Rapid Images has developed the 3D based geometry used for all digital visualizations of the Lynk & Co model 01, which makes our image production smart and flexible. Variants of images with different materials, camera angles and lightings is created with ease, and every detail is generated with the highest quality.

Creating one consistent feeling of a brand.

Our team of photographers and 3D artists work tight together to create a coherent look of all images of a product. The images we deliver to Lynk & Co are in line with the brand identity, in high resolution 6K and ready for global use in all online channels.


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