Digital twin factory

The digital collaboration service

Digital Twin Factory from Rapid Images is a full in house service designed for you. It not only takes your products from the physical to the digital realm, but also helps you develop early ideas, test and modify functionality and then apply this understanding to the customer experience. And all the while sharing it in an effective production process

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The Digital Twin is not just a digital version of your product, it also contains materials, textures, options and manufacturing/sales information. This makes it a highly flexible asset for product communication both internally and externally. Ideas, reviews and improvements can be viewed in 3D and shared effectively across depts. It's great for configurators, instructions, CGI, visualisation and real-time media such as AR and VR.


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What is Digital Twin Factory used for?


Smart planning and efficiency

Use the Digital Twin Factrory to collaborate with internal and external departments and share instant information on the latest product changes.


Faster time to market

Speed up decision making and important information loops with accurate 3D representation of products.


Impressive customer experiences

Customers constantly demand new and improved product experiences. Digital twins sit at the heart of that experience.

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