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Quick and easy visualization.

Powerful web based 3D visualization that enable people to interact and understand early ideas, concepts and final products easy without the need of expensive hardware or software solutions. The CxVisualize platform is a SaaS based solution to convert, optimize and visualise CAD and Design data in a lightweight format for quick and easy viewing.


Key features.

3D visualization

Visualize any product in 3D using WebGL

Powerful light-weight visualization of complex product geometries and materials using modern WebGL that runs in any recent web browser - both desktop and mobile.

CAD conversion

Support for major CAD and Product Design systems

Built-in conversion, optimization and preparation of CAD and Design files from major software manufacuters including -
CATIA, Creo, Solidworks, JT, NX and others.


Easy to integrate for different needs

Fully customizable and easy to integrate for different needs ranging from Design review visualization to Spare parts catalogues and after market sales.

Latest news.

Latest happenings and innovations from the team at Rapid Images.

Success story

The Duni Visualiser is a new app for digital table setting using AR on your mobile.

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Success story

Digitally re-purposing existing content to turning flat product photography into realistic 3D assets.

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Success story

SKF’s unique selling point is knowledge about the product, the applications and their customers’ demands.

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