The Volvo XC40 that's just for you.

Volvo Cars wanted to boost audience engagement with personalized content. However, with a growing demand for customization of products comes the need for visualizing all possible variants.


Work smarter to meet every brand.

Our smart image pipeline enables us to make an unlimited number of image variations quickly and easily. It also means we can conveniently create new images as soon as updates and new product versions are released. The images we deliver to Volvo Cars are in high resolution 6K and ready for global use in online channels as well as traditional marketing channels.


Capturing the spirit – anywhere with ease.

To create and communicate the spirit of the products we find the best locations to place them in. In our digital studio we compose final images and films by combining background imagery from all over the world with our digital 3D visualization of the Volvo car. This transforms the the production process, making it faster, smoother and more cost efficient.

Following the lifecycle – from design to marketing.

At Rapid Images we have long and deep understanding and knowledge in product development. We support businesses visualizing their product from the design process to the final product, which shortens the lead times when creating the marketing imagery.


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