3D Configurators that drives global success

We deliver 3D configurators with interactive images, film and VR 360’s for Volvo Cars. Today, 90% of all global car consumers goes online before making the final purchase decision.

An endless number of variants

To present the complete model program we create an endless number of variants using 3D images and film – 3D production enables faster time to market and does not require the physical car to be present. The 3D configurators are customised to support full market adaptation to fully enrich the consumer experience.


Flexible configuration in high quality

To support flexible configuration options in high quality we’ve boosted the configurator with both 3D images and film in high resolution 6K. This enables Volvo Cars to use the 3D configurator for both online and traditional print channels, all with the same approved content.



Digital capture of colors and materials

To get the best possible results in 3D we’ve developed a light capture technology to support projects both on-set on location and in studio. The technology is used throughout the process to secure all visual attributes of a car – from metallic colours to complex interior materials.


Partnership 24/7

To support Volvo Cars with the latest market updates and visual information we work closely together to respond and act quickly. The partnership spans across both product, marketing and design teams.