3D images for motorsport on all devices

We deliver 3D images and films for Polestar add-on products and accessories.

Configurable film on location

To fully experience Polestar’s unique add-on products and accessories we deliver configurable film shot on location. The film can be changed while playing and gives the consumer a very fun and interactive tool to evaluate the complete Polestar product range at once.

Flexible marketing with 3D images

We create 3D images as a mix of on-set location photography and 3D assets to deliver high quality marketing content. The locations are used as backdrops and 3D assets replaces the need for physical cars on-set. This gives Polestar a powerful tool to present all products and accessories without pre-manufactured prototypes and samples.

RapidImages - Visual digitalization

Deep knowledge in automotive

To boost the Polestar brand with rich consumer experiences we use our deep knowledge in automotive to deliver both configurable 3D images and films. All with variants and market adaptations supported.