At the center of the business

We delivered a new and enhanced way for Volvo Cars to present their brand new V60 on their website: the 360° experience. The experience is used as a centerpiece in the global presentation of the vehicle, enabling the customer to engage and explore it easy and fast.

Customer benefits of exploring new technologies

We are always exploring new technologies and user behaviors. Volvo Cars wanted to take advantage of the growing number of mobile users, so we built a mobile first experience that uses the fact that many devices have a built-in gyroscope. The result was a fun and engaging experience with direct response the uses hand movements.


Variants and options, open for additions over time

With 3D visualizations, it is possible to create true and representative images of detailed and elegant interiors. By combining traditional photography with cutting edge 3D visualizations, in an automated workflow it is possible to add additional features over time, and even add new environments for the product in the future.

Storytelling through images

To inspire and enthuse the right customers our experiences team of compositors and 3D artists create stunning stories. To achieve the right feeling in every scene grading are meticulously performed and every color is fine tuned to perfection.