Aug 28, 2017

RapidImages at Siggraph 2017

This summer RapidImages attended Siggraph in Los Angeles, the leading conference in computer graphics. The conference offered inspiring presentations and great opportunities to establish new connections within the industry.

Some outstanding trends could be noticed, one is that AR and VR are very hot, as the field still is in intense development, and that AR probably will pave the way for VR. Another trend is that deep learning is everywhere, from CGI/movie production pipelines to real time rendering applications. Deep learning is tested in every part of the graphics creation pipeline; From visual search, to denoising and even as a part of the rendering equation itself. Deep learning for graphics is still in the research stage and it will be interesting to see how it makes its way into production pipelines.

It’s also worth noting that the industry shift to path tracing and PBR is complete. Almost everyone is now running on a combination of path tracing and post denoising. Main research trends are to speed up rendering by smarter sampling and fully utilizing modern processors SIMD functionality.

The CGI and motion graphics industry is moving forward every year, and it is super important and fun for RapidImages to attend events such as Siggraph. Our tools and pipelines keeps up with the fore front, but we do not settle here. To stay in the lead, and to continue our work together with top global brands, we will continue to develop our tools and techniques to the next level with an optimized production pipeline, introducing templates on all fronts for even more efficient solutions with stunning image quality.