Feb 15, 2017

RapidImages challenges the Amiga64

The very basics of data visualization was established decades ago by pioneers in computer graphics. The way RapidImages generates pixels today is a continuation of this visual revolution, therefor did RapidImages sponsor the event, and four of our colleagues attended the demoparty Datastorm 2017. The party which is an annual event for enthusiasts in retro computer technology is mainly focused on the Commodore 64 and Amiga variety.

To highlight just a few inspiring performances and presentations: Dave Haynie had a talk on the years of developing Commodore 64, and Jimmy “The gamer dad” Wilhelmsson on his experience of writing a book on the generation 64. Goto80 played nice ambient tunes and LFT did an up tempo performance in classical chiptune style. The Saturday continued in to the late night with a DJ set by Magnar.