Mar 12, 2017

Meet the team, Victor and Magnus

RapidImages sees the demand for computer generated imagery growing, as more of our customers understands the advantages of it. We know the potential of our services and our developer team is currently focusing on enhancing the pipeline used in-house for even better efficiency and adaptions to all varieties of industries.
– We see the potential in democratizing the 3D-technologies, and we want make rendering as ubiquitous as photo editing, says Magnus Pettersson, CTO at RapidImages.

Magnus, who joined the team in 2016 has long standing records in developing computer graphics. His career started when he and some friends founded Illuminate Labs in 2002, where he co-developed the two products, Turtle and Beast, which specialized in light mapping in games. In 2010, Illuminate Labs was acquired by Autodesk where Magnus continued the work on mapping light in an internal rendering engine. Since 2016 he oversees the expanding R&D department. He says:

“I’ve been making render engines since 2002, but RapidImages is my first time working in an actual production house. The day to day interaction with all our great artists is truly inspiring and a constant reminder that the actual ray tracer is such a small part of what goes into an efficient production pipeline.”

RapidImages has played a great role in the global transition from photography to 3D for many companies, and Victor Söderberg, one of our project leaders, has seen the company grow, when he joined the team in 2011 there were only ten employees, in contrast to today’s 70. As a project leader he is supervising several diverse teams at RapidImages, striving to tackle a multitude of challenges while combining the best of both creative and technical mindsets, for a variety of clients across different industries.

“Working at RapidImages is really exciting as we’re always looking to innovate and improve ourselves and what is possible to achieve in 3D-content production.
RapidImages consists of a great group of people with a colossal amount of talent shared between them – which makes going to work something to look forward to every day.”