May 16, 2018

I really love the wizardry in making photorealistic digitally created images

– I see myself as a virtual photographer, doing tasks similar to what a traditional photographer would do, but with more advanced tools. My job takes place in an imaginary photo studio, called a scene, and I combine objects and environments in nice compositions. In the scene I set the lights intensity and directions, define how shades behave, trying to achieve photorealistic looks. Then I set up the virtual cameras and render, which is the equivalent to take a photograph. Finally, I compose the renders into images. Every image is new and has its own difficulties to be solved, and as an 3D artist I have to analyze the scenes to find visual and technical limitations in them, and then find smart solutions to these obstacles. It is both joyful and challenging to test new ideas and build smart solutions that are built on previous experiences.

I think that working at RapidImages is very much like still being in a classroom. What I mean and enjoy so much is that when I studied to become a 3D artist we had a constant communication about how to solve difficulties and shared a nice fellowship. I think that the same spirit goes for the whole company, no matter of your role or position, we are sharing the joy of achieving stunning photorealism. I really love the wizardry in trick the viewer that those digitally created images actually exists.