May 4, 2017

CGI takes SOVA website to the next level

When the Swedish bedroom retailer SOVA recently launched their new website, it was brought to life by images and films produced by RapidImages. Sova’s challenge was to present their large-scale products with its many variations in a uniform way. RapidImages brought a solution to the challenge by extending and customizing a unique image production toolkit developed at our Gothenburg office, that binds all complex tasks in a CGI-process together into an efficient workflow.

– By combining 3D scans of products and materials with hand modelled assets we can create image templates that enables us to efficiently render images and films, with good quality and a uniform appearance, says Lars Andréasson production lead at RapidImages. This semi-automated process makes our CGI-solutions the best alternative to photography and fully hand crafted CGI images.

The images and films is also used in the website’s bed configurator. The product configurator is a powerful tool that enables the end customers to explore the full range and variations of Sova’s products