Apr 11, 2018

Being an 3D artist is inspiring and dynamic

– I truly enjoy the flexibility of working with many kinds of product visualizations, and that through the processes and projects I constantly get to learn new things. Working as a general 3D artist, I have the chance to try and experiment with a lot of different emerging 3D technologies, and then use them in projects together with our customers. Over the years, I have been working with and learned 3D-scanning, real-time graphics and VR, just to mention a few.

At RapidImages I get to be visually creative, but also in a technical manner by creating pipelines and processes. I think this is one our greatest strengths at RapidImages, the vast and varied competence from all the different people working here. With each project, we get to combine these competences and find solutions for each challenge, which I really enjoy. Creativity and sharing is a team effort.