May 9, 2018

Annika Hedin new Senior Director at RapidImages

Today are we very happy to welcome Annika Hedin our new Senior Director responsible for Operations & Project management.
– Thank you very much, I am very happy and excited to be here!


Who are you, and what will your responsibilities be here?
– My name is Annika Hedin, I have worked many years at Volvo Cars on different positions in their Global Marketing team. Most of my time there was spent with retail communication, asset creation, communication development and global events just to mention a few. To RapidImages I am bringing valuable experience from the customer side, a network on both the customer and supplier side. I will be operationally responsible for the studio and manage all the projects within it and additionally, I will be supporting the sales team and the customer relations and services with my expertise.


What brought you to us?
– I felt it was the right time for me to find new challenges. I knew about RapidImages from the customer side, having worked with you a couple of years ago. For me RapidImages is a unique and interesting company and business, with a wide range of great customers, and I felt that my involvements and skills in project management, my creative experience, and comprehensive experience from asset development matched very well with what you were looking for. I think that the services that RapidImages offers is something that will continue to grow fast in the coming years – and I am excited to join the company to take part of the future journeys.


That sounds great – most welcome to us!