Apr 18, 2018

Acquiring new skills and sharing knowledge is expected from me

– What I find so exciting about my job is that I get the chance to figure things out, it’s intellectually stimulating, and because RapidImages is operating at the fore fronts in a multitude of fields I’m constantly surrounded and inspired by other experts. Over the years and in my role as lead developer I’ve enhanced my ability to break hefty issues down into smaller manageable problems, which is a great tool when translating customers’ needs and ideas into technical descriptions. To instantly get visual results in 3D from the code that I write, is satisfying and motivating for me, and from my perspective it makes the quality of the code higher.

The work environment is genuine and open, I feel appreciated as an employee. The office location is super nice, and we even have our own fully equipped musical rehearsal room that is quite nice to go to if I need a break from the issues that I’m working on at the moment.