Configure any product from anywhere.

Invite customers to configure and play with different combinations of your products. The CxConfigure platform is a SaaS based solution for product configuration in the cloud. Easy to customise and accessible from anywhere - it's the ideal tool to present complex products with many configurable variants.


Key features.

Interactive presentation

Show products in full 3D or using image stacks

Products and combinations can be visualized in full 3D using modern WebGL or using traditional image stacks to stay compatible with legacy devices.


Easy to customize for your brand

The use of modern web technologies enable seamless integration with existing content manage systems (CMS) and apps. UX and Configurator front-end can be fully customized.

Product information

Open API for price and product integration

For compatibility with existing product information management (PIM) and sales systems an open API enable automated updates of latest price calculation and specfications.

Latest news

Latest happenings and projects from the team at Rapid Images.

Success story

We are excited to share our Nvidia GTC session about creating the customer experience of tomorrow ... today.

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Success story

We are excited to see how the partnership with GleSYS will continue to support our sustainability plan.

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Success story

The Duni Visualiser is a new app for digital table setting using AR on your mobile.

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