Accelerating time to market for IKEA.

For many years the IKEA catalogue has almost entirely consisted of digitally rendered images. However, this made the IKEA digital studio extremely busy. So if a product developer wanted to test a new material on a piece of furniture, it took weeks for the image to be ready.

We created a tool for IKEA product developers, to automate product design with 3D, photorealistic, virtual imagery, simplifying & speeding up the workflow.



Automated processes simplify the solution.

Rapid Images created a custom tool, Digital Product Development, which enabled IKEA's product designers to produce photorealistic images or AR models of products from within their web browser.

Product components can be modified using a comprehensive and searchable catalogue to test both functionality and style.


See products in full context.

Product designers can observe a product in different environments, such as a kitchen or bedroom, as well as see how it interacts with other IKEA products. The cost estimation and environmental footprint of using different materials can both be calculated from CAD. These results are instantly shared to the cloud where they will inform other product stakeholders.

Agile development saves time.

The solution was to eliminate the dependency on artists to remodel CAD. Circumventing IKEA's digital studio and empowering product designers has saved IKEA weeks, even months, during the development process. Enabling designers to have earlier visual feedback and collaborating within a single platform has enhanced the design team's creative potential.


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